What Does Probate Publications Offer?
  • The ability get more listings and earn more commissions
  • An easy way to receive probate records delivered right to your desktop
  • A CRM feature which will allow you to track conversations with persons you contact
  • Ability to create unlimited letter templates
  • Mail merge into your letter templates to create unlimited mailings
  • Schedule future mailings to executors, attorneys, heirs, etc. to put them on a “drip” campaign
  • Monthly subscription with NO Setup fees and NO contract
What Does Probate Publications Do?
We offer probate leads for the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike other websites, our data is updated on a daily basis!
Do You Offer Listings For The Entire Bay Area?
Right now, we compile listings of properties in San Francisco and San Mateo County. We plan on adding more counties in the near future.
Administratively, What’s The Process?
It’s simple. All you have to do sign up and find the right property. Once you do that, you can use our example marketing letters to help you contact each executor in the most effective manner.
What Do I Get With My Purchase?
You get daily updates on every probate lead in the Bay Area and templates to help you contact the executors of the properties. We are your middlemen and will help you with every step of the process outside of actually purchasing the property.
How Much?
A single county membership is $49/month while a membership for two counties is $79/month. Corporate accounts start at $199/month and include all counties in the database. In addition, the Corporate account includes a 10 user subscription – ideal for office managers/brokers who want to incentivize their top agents.
Do I Have To Sign A Contract?
No. We offer monthly subscriptions that you may cancel at any time. 
What’s The Catch?
There’s no catch!

Seriously? No Catch?

Seriously. There’s no catch.

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